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Jacka mp3 download (37 tracks)

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Album: Tear Gas mp3 download

Year: 2009
Artist: Jacka
Quality: High
Rating: StarStarStarStar

Jacka - Tear Gas album

Track listing:

No. Title Size
1. Jacka - Summer Ft. Rydah J Kydah Matt Blaque.mp3 7.18 Mb download
2. Jacka - Just A Celebrity Ft. Sky Balla.mp3 6.37 Mb download
3. Jacka - Glamorous Lifestyle Ft. Andre Nickatina.mp3 7.35 Mb download
4. Jacka - Greatest Alive Ft. E-40 Mitchy Slick Jynx.mp3 5.98 Mb download
5. Jacka - They Dont Know Ft. Freeway.mp3 6.09 Mb download
6. Jacka - Dream Ft. Ampichino Zion I.mp3 7.12 Mb download
7. Jacka - Wont Be Right Ft. Cellski.mp3 7.28 Mb download
8. Jacka - Keep Callin Ft. Devin The Dude.mp3 7.81 Mb download
9. Jacka - Girls.mp3 6.41 Mb download
10. Jacka - Scared Money Ft. Krondon Ap. 9.mp3 6.63 Mb download
11. Jacka - Get It In Ft. Paul Wall Masspike Miles.mp3 6.26 Mb download
12. Jacka - Whats Your Zodiac Ft. Phil Da Agony.mp3 5.37 Mb download
13. Jacka - Dopest Forreal.mp3 7.30 Mb download
14. Jacka - Callin My Name Ft. Mistah F.A.B..mp3 6.08 Mb download
15. Jacka - What Happened To The World.mp3 6.61 Mb download
16. Jacka - The Movement Ft. Planet Asia.mp3 5.94 Mb download
17. Jacka - Storm Ft. Cormega.mp3 4.96 Mb download
18. Jacka - Our Heroes Ft. Dubb 20 J. Stalin.mp3 6.50 Mb download
19. Jacka - All Over Me.mp3 5.84 Mb download

Album: The Street Album mp3 download

Year: 2008
Artist: Jacka
Quality: High
Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Jacka - The Street Album album

Track listing:

No. Title Size
1. Jacka - Husalah Intro.mp3 0.72 Mb download
2. Jacka - A Real Feeling.mp3 7.82 Mb download
3. Jacka - No Future.mp3 4.87 Mb download
4. Jacka - For The Mob Ft. The Federation.mp3 6.53 Mb download
5. Jacka - We On Patron Ft. Frank Sticks, Fed-X, Dubb 20.mp3 5.11 Mb download
6. Jacka - Fed Up Ft. J. Diggs, Young L.mp3 6.66 Mb download
7. Jacka - Interlude.mp3 1.69 Mb download
8. Jacka - Crown Me.mp3 4.45 Mb download
9. Jacka - For The Block.mp3 8.19 Mb download
10. Jacka - Not Me Ft. Cellski, D-Dre.mp3 4.94 Mb download
11. Jacka - That's Me Ft. Matt Blaque.mp3 1.99 Mb download
12. Jacka - Addiction.mp3 2.70 Mb download
13. Jacka - Aspen.mp3 6.49 Mb download
14. Jacka - Drug Life Ft. Jimatheez.mp3 5.10 Mb download
15. Jacka - Wit The Shit Ft. Joe Blow, J. Diggs.mp3 5.91 Mb download
16. Jacka - A Million Ft. Big Rich, Willie Joe.mp3 4.93 Mb download
17. Jacka - From The Streets Ft. Deltrice.mp3 3.68 Mb download
18. Jacka - Is That You Ft. Joe Blow, Young Hyfee.mp3 2.46 Mb download
19. Jacka - Fuck Everybody.mp3 5.68 Mb download
20. Jacka - All Over Me (Bay Remix) Ft. Messy Marv, Keak Da Sneak, Dem Hoodstarz, Fed-X.mp3 9.04 Mb download
21. Jacka - The End.mp3 4.44 Mb download

Album: Is The Dopest (Bootleg 2007) mp3 download

Year: 2007
Artist: Jacka
Quality: High
Rating: StarStarStar

Jacka - Is The Dopest (Bootleg 2007) album

Track listing:

No. Title Size
1. Jacka - Intro.mp3 0.92 Mb download
2. Jacka - Sicilian Breeze.mp3 6.55 Mb download
3. Jacka - Please Don't Depend On Me Ft. Messy Marv.mp3 2.63 Mb download
4. Jacka - Doin It Moving.mp3 3.25 Mb download
5. Jacka - Hey Girl Remix Ft. Husalah.mp3 4.33 Mb download
6. Jacka - Break Em Off Ft. Ampichino, Fed-X.mp3 4.43 Mb download
7. Jacka - Youll Never Understand.mp3 4.20 Mb download
8. Jacka - Thrones And Crowns.mp3 5.42 Mb download
9. Jacka - Money.mp3 3.80 Mb download
10. Jacka - Turned Out Ft. Akata.mp3 3.53 Mb download
11. Jacka - From The Bay.mp3 4.01 Mb download
12. Jacka - Got Paper.mp3 1.71 Mb download
13. Jacka - Punch Triggers Ft. Lil Lee, D-Dre.mp3 3.85 Mb download
14. Jacka - Go Cop Whatever.mp3 3.99 Mb download
15. Jacka - The Drama Ft. Cormega, Husalah, Fed-X.mp3 5.31 Mb download
16. Jacka - Cuz Im A Mack.mp3 4.13 Mb download
17. Jacka - From The Hood Ft. Husalah, San Quinn.mp3 4.39 Mb download
18. Jacka - Starz Ft. Ampichino.mp3 4.26 Mb download
19. Jacka - Barney (More Crime).mp3 3.78 Mb download
20. Jacka - Gonna Pay For That Ft. Pretty Black, Lee Majors.mp3 3.66 Mb download
21. Jacka - Drug Life.mp3 2.06 Mb download
22. Jacka - I Try Ft. Ampichino, Jynx (Go Dav).mp3 3.39 Mb download
23. Jacka - Drug Dealers Ft. Ampichino.mp3 5.45 Mb download
24. Jacka - Da Underworld.mp3 2.65 Mb download

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Artist: Eminem
Song: No Love

Young money
Throw dirt on me, and grow a wild flower,
But it's fuck the world, get a child out her,
Yeah my life a bitch, but u know nothing bout her,
Been to hell and back, I can show you vouchers,
I roll in sweets, I'm smoking sour,
Married to the game, but she broke her vows,
That's why my bars, are full of broken bottles,
And my night stands are full of open bibles,
Ugh I think about more then I forget,
But I don't go around fire expecitng not to sweat,
And these niggers know I lay them down make your bed,
Bitches try to kick me while I'm down I break your leg,
Money out weighing problems on the triple beam,
I'm sticking to the script, you niggers skipping scenes,
Ugh be good or be good at it, fucking right I got my gun semi carter-matic.

Yeah put they dick in there mouth, so I guess it's fuck with they say,
I'm high as a bitch, up up and away, man I come down in a couple of days,
Okay you want me up in the cage, then I'll come out in big smoke,
I got this world stuck in a safe, cominbation is the cheat code,
It's weezy mother fucka blood gang and I'm in bleed mode, all about my dope but I don't even check the peep hole,
So you can keep knocking, but wont lock me down, no love lost, no love found.

It's a little to late to say that your sorry now, you kicked me when I was down, but what you say just don't hurt me (that's right, and I don't need you, don't wanan see you, bitch you get no love)
You showed me nothing but hate, you ran me into the ground but what comes around goes around, and you don't hurt me (that's right, and I don't need you, don't wanna see you, bitch you get no love)

Bitch you get no love.

No love x 7

I'm live again, more alive then I've been in my whole entire life,
I can see these people ears perk up as I begin, a spaz with a pin I'm a little bit sicker then most,
Shits gonna get thick again, they say the competition is stiff but I get a hard dick from this shit now stick it in,
I aint ever given in again, caution to the win complete freedom look at these rappers how I treat them so why the fuck would I join them, when I beat them,
They call me a freak cuz I like to spit on these pussy's before I eat them, man get these whack cock suckers stage where the fuck is Kanye when you need him,
Snatch the mic from them bitch ima let you finish in a minute yeah the rap was tight but ummm, ? got the greatest verse of all time so you might wanna go back to the lab tonight,
And um scribble out them rhymes you was gonna spit an start over from scratch and write new ones, but I'm afraid it aint gonna make no difference when I rip the shades and tear it in half tonight,
It's an adrenaline rush you feel the bass thump all the way to the parking lot fellow, set fire to the mic and ignite the crowd you can see the sparks from hot metal,
Cold hearted from the day I bogaurded the game I soul started, a rock fellow and I'm not even in my harshest you can see can get roasted, cuz marshal not mellow,
So on top, fill it from the top, I'm not gonna stop em, standing on my monopoly board, that's means I'm on top of my game, and it don't stop, till my hip don't hop anymore,
When you so good, that you can't say it cuz it aint even cool for you to sound cocky anymore,
People just get sick cuz you spit these fools drool & dribble a drop anymore, and you can't ever break my stride, you never slowed the momentum and at any minute I'm about to blow you never take my pride,
I'm killing the flow slow and venom, pwn niggers, no mercy mark my words, and let enough relentless I smell blood, I don't give a fuck keep given them hell, where was you when I fell and needed help up, you get no love,

It's a little to late to say that your sorry now, you kicked me when I was down, but what you say just don't hurt me (That's right, and I don't need you, don't wanna see you, bitch you get no love)
You showed me nothing but hate, you ran me into the ground but what comes around goes around, and you don't hurt me (That's right, and I don't need you, don't wanna see you, bitch you get no love)

Bitch you get no love.

No love x 7

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